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Shade Trees

What Our Clients Say About Us

Gary Conner
in the last week

Kevin Reulbach
a month ago

AJ was great to work with, helpful and professional. I was looking for American Pillar Arborvitae’s and he was the only one locally that I could find them. He answered all of my questions and made the process very easy and even delivered them to my house. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more from him in the future. Highly recommend.

Lynne Hoffman
a month ago

I found AJs while searching for a specific variety of arborvitae, 'Sherwood Frost' and this was the ONLY place I could find them. I thought surely I would have to pay for shipping from Oregon, but no luck there. Beautiful plants! I bought 5 of the 3 gallon. They were shipped very quickly to ERIE, PA, and I was VERY impressed and pleased to find they were still moist on arrival, packed well and not a single branch damaged! I had plenty of back and forth emails with AJ regarding shipping and he was very responsive every time, and very eager to address all my concerns. I couldn't be more pleased to get these trees planted this season, and will definitely look here FIRST next time I can't find what I'm looking for closer to home. I also appreciated the moisture packs, fertilizer tabs and detailed planting instruction. Thank you!

mckayla dolan
2 months ago

John Orange
4 months ago

Great expertise, selection, and ease of doing business. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and personable. Prices are reasonable and the website was very straightforward! Will buy from him again!

Erin Sibley
5 months ago

We were looking for a little privacy from the neighbors in our new home, and were surprised to find that we could purchase the "Full Speed a Hedge" plants right here in Westminster. AJ was unbelievably responsive - I had a million questions about how to plant them correctly, how to water/fertilize/etc. and he quickly responded via email, call, and text. We will absolutely be purchasing more of these trees from AJ and strongly recommend his company to anyone else in the area!

Michael Lashua
5 months ago

I was looking to install a new privacy barrier of tall, fast-growing arborvitaes. I had never planted trees before, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. AJ walked me through the entire process of planting my new 'American Pillar' arborvitaes. In addition to the trees themselves, AJ provided me with knowledge I needed to plant, feed, and protect my new trees. It was a seamless experience.

A.J.'s Evergreen Nursery, LLC BBB Business Review